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The Power of Healing Touch

Mothers and grandmothers have known for generations that children thrive on human touch. Many cultures and religions have practiced "laying on of hands" as part of the healing process. Even modern medical practice is accepting healing touch as part of a plan of care. Nurses use touch in soothing and comforting patients. Using touch, as part of the healing process is not an alternative to traditional medicine, but a complement to it.

The Power of Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a form of energy based therapy in which a practitioner of Healing Touch incorporates the power of intention with hands on techniques to facilitate healing in another person. It is based on the concept that our being doesn't stop at the skin. Through direct or indirect contact by the practitioner, the energy field surrounding the person is influenced. This promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and balance in the person. Researchers are currently studying the concept of energy fields surrounding the body, measuring those fields and documenting the positive effects of energy based medicine.

Healing Touch is about presence. The person who provides Healing Touch respectfully listens to, waits for, and trusts the inner healing process of the individual client. During a session, the client lies on a massage table fully clothed. The provider uses light touch on or just above the body. Typically, clients experience relaxation, reduction of stress and/or relief of pain during a session.

Primary reasons for seeking Healing Touch range from maintaining general well-being to serious health problems. Individuals find relief for various physical conditions such as surgery, fractures, headaches/migraines, neck and back problems. Others find relief from various emotional concerns such as anxiety, grief, depression, and addictions. Some individuals focus on spiritual issues such as the meaning of illness and suffering and finding one’s spiritual path. People with chronic health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, A.I.D.S., Autoimmune Disorders, Hypertension, Heart and Lung Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have been helped through Healing Touch.

Healing Touch was developed by healthcare professionals and is provided by individuals who have been trained and certified through Healing Touch Certification.

Healing Touch Accreditations: Healing Touch Program is the only continuing education program in the field of energy medicine to hold, not only ONE, but TWO, national accreditations: American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the National Commission for Credentialing Agencies (NCCA).

More information about Healing Touch can be obtained from the website: www.healingtouchprogram.com.

Reiki Stone Therapy

Reiki Stone Therapy incorporates Reiki with the strategic placement of hot or cold stones or crystals on the body. The combination of these two energy therapies accelerates and enhances all naturally occurring healing processes in the body. It works to bring balance and harmony to all layers of the human energy system. Some of the benefits experienced in this therapy may be improved circulation & movement of lymph fluids, relief of muscle tension, pain, and stiffness, decreased insomnia, depression, and tension.

Rainessence Reiki Therapy

Rainessence Reiki Therapy is an energizing and healing technique that its has roots in Tibet and with the Lakota and Hopi Indians. Essential oils are applied on the feet and along the spine and back area. Using various massage and energy techniques the oils are spread and help to purify, balance, release toxins, energize and bring spiritual peace. The properties of the oils that are used include analgesic, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, decongestant, detoxicant, sedative and others. The oils soften and nourish the skin and with the hands on energy bring balance and harmony to all the layers of the energy field, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The effects of the oils may work in the body for 5-7 days.

If you would like to schedule a Healing Touch, Reiki Stone Therapy, or Rainessence Reiki Therapy session, or to get further information contact Rosann Geiser, a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor.

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