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This is what clients have been saying:

“Thank you for your gift of training people in Healing Touch. When I got home after my Level 1 class my daughter was having some ear issues and low back problems. So I tried a clearing on her abdomen. Immediately she asked why my hand was so hot and then why are you pushing so hard. So I thought I must be too close. I went about 35 feet away from her before it was comfortable and started clearing the pain field. I was able to get within 15 feet. She was tired so we called it quits for tonight but plan to work on it tomorrow. She said this is the weirdest thing she has ever experienced. What better gift can a mother give her daughter than to help her physically deal with life - what an awesome end to this day!”

“I wanted to let you know that when we did the Healing Touch session I kept seeing something up on the right side of my brain. Forgiveness of my ex came to me many times through the healing. I went for my CAT scan and it showed a tiny bit of scarring that probably happened 20 years ago when he strangled me and hit my head repeatedly on the ground. That is just miraculous that I had that image and thought of forgiveness from that healing session and then they found that in my brain. It isn't causing any damage but is interesting to say the least.”

“I am a 67 year old metastatic breast cancer patient whose first Healing Touch session with Rosann Geiser was a gift from my daughter. I knew nothing about Healing Touch until that first visit in January 2004; I now visit Rosann whenever I'm in Appleton. I feel calm, warm and comfortable with Rosann. I hoped for complete relaxation; each session has brought other unique gifts. My initial disbelief has been replaced by a willingness to accept even unusual results. I have imagined myself floating in pink clouds; I have also felt unexplained touch, insistent warmth beyond that provided by Rosann's hands, deep relaxation and a feeling of calm trust. Rosann and I both set the intention that my immune system will keep the metastasis sites in my body on "pause." I enlist her help in my continuing campaign to remain "chronically abnormal" and able to continue traveling with my husband.”

“Three or more years ago, my husband and I took one of your healing classes. We loved it and felt it has helped our lives and wellness. Shortly after taking the course, my husband had a routine colonoscopy and they discovered and removed a rather large mass. The doctor warned us that it didn't look benign but that we would have to work through whatever was necessary after the biopsy report came back. That night, while we waited and prayed, we played your meditation tape that we purchased at the class. It was a week or so before Christmas and we had the crib set up in the room we were doing the meditation. About half way through the meditation, at the point where we ask for gifts of healing for ourselves and others, as I looked at the crib, I asked for a miracle for my husband. The next day, the nurse called my husband and told him that he had them very worried and called him their miracle boy as she told him there was no sign of any cancer anywhere. On a follow up visit, the doctor told him he was one very lucky, lucky man. Several months ago, he had a follow up colonoscopy and everything was clear. There was no sign of polyps or anything. We feel that God touched our lives that day and we are extremely grateful. Since then, we play the CD to help achieve a feeling of balance and trust that the universe is unfolding just as it should.”

“I had a dramatic response to my last Healing Touch session. I was carrying a lot of stress due to the recent change in my job status. I'd been dealing with physical pain and emotional exhaustion. I left the session feeling like someone who'd slept for 12 hours, more refreshed and awake than I'd ever anticipated feeling!!! The rest of that evening continued with a renewed sense of energy, wakefulness, and inner lightness. This is very different than feeling wired. Quite the contrary; I felt grounded and present and energized. Thank you, again, for your gifted skill and wise, compassionate caring. ”

“Through Healing Touch, I experienced deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of clinical depression. For years, the effects of childhood abuse festered and rotted inside me. I tried to cut and drink the rot away. Even after two years of intense psychotherapy and quitting the drinking and self-injuring behaviors, the rot still lingered and even continued. When I saw Rosann for the first time, I was making suicide an option again. I felt like I was working and struggling hard but wasn't making any progress. I was miserable and didn't see any hope for healing. I knew exactly what the source of the rot was. I knew that I needed something that combined physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, but I had no hope that what I needed was available to me. Now, I often think of Rosann as a physical-emotional-spiritual guide of sorts. During Healing Touch sessions, I'm able to tend to the places that need healing in such a deep, powerful way, and then apply this to other areas of my life between sessions. Healing Touch is beautiful and special in and of itself, but the love, intelligence, integrity and strength Rosann brings enhance my healing in a powerful way. I really can't imagine making this kind of progress on my own. In six months, I've come from feeling suicidal, fragmented, and hopeless to feeling glad to be alive. I feel like I'm becoming whole and hopeful that I'll continue to heal and grow. I'm savoring the fullness of comfort in my spirit and self today.”

“With Healing Touch, I feel like it goes places within me that never got attention with massage. I always felt relaxed after massage and my muscles had less knots. With Healing Touch I feel as if my whole being is cared for. The relaxation is deeper and soulful.”

"My husband and I take Bios Life daily and we both feel fantastic! Our total cholesterol decreased by 25 points and our HDL numbers increased and the LDL numbers decreased. Besides lowering both our cholesterol counts, it is reassuring to know that we are increasing our daily fiber intake for protection against colon cancer. We believe that you have to take charge of your own health through proper nutrition, daily exercise and vitamin supplementation. BIOS Life is a superb product and we plan to make it part of our daily regimen forever!"

“When you do Mind Clearing as part of Healing Touch, it feels like a brain bath!”

"I know when my partner is not taking Defendol. Her snoring keeps me awake because her allergies are acting up."

"I was skeptical at first. But after regular Healing Touch sessions, I’m a believer. Healing Touch helped me stay more centered and grounded during some very stressful times at work."

“I found the information from your class very useful. During the night, I went through the exercise that you taught us. Today, I am feeling much better than I have in a long time. I still have some pain but not to the extent I did. I really think it has helped a lot.”

"Your hands were the instrument to help me bring into focus what I needed to see in my life."

"As a longtime sufferer of IBS, I had been to over 5 Gastrointestinal Specialists within the past 10 years, most of whom never spent more than 10 minutes consulting with me. When Rosie learned of my problem, she advised me to add BIOS Life. More importantly, she gave me information on adding "fermented foods" to my diet, something no G.I. doctor ever informed me of. Two weeks after I made those diet changes I felt considerably better, both emotionally and physically because I gained an understanding on controlling the symptoms of my condition."

"I know that Healing Touch made a difference in my healing process. Each time the doctor saw my foot, it had improved more than he had estimated. In addition to helping with the physical healing, the Healing Touch has also greatly increased my sense of security and safety. I really needed this emotional and spiritual healing as much as the physical."

“Once I forgot to reorder my Meno Basics and I ran out. My menopause symptoms returned with a vengeance. I’ll never make that mistake again!”

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I realize now that I have been carrying a lot of stuck energy filled with guilt, hurt and fear. After my Healing Touch session, I feel much better. The memories are still there but it doesn’t hurt as much. When the day comes and I meet with my mother again—I am not afraid. It’s hard to explain—all I know is that something happened."

“I was very surprised to read a recent article in the paper that this fall’s allergy season was the worst in a long time. People who react to outdoor pollens were more miserable than ever. Not me! I have not had allergy shots for a year, and have only been taking Defendol to help build my immune system. I had very little reaction this fall. Thanks so much for recommending such a great product."

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